Labor Day Haul!

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Labor day weekend just passed in the US and of course there were sales everywhere. I have been in a shopping funk since around Christmas last year so I was pretty excited when I finally bought stuff.

Let's start off with the clothes.

I bought a shirt from Zara. I feel so professional in this shirt because the only "professional" shirts I have are button-down.

I bought this bralette from American Eagle. I actually returned it and got one in black because I got the wrong size and they didn't have my size in white. It's not itchy which is definitely a plus.

I bought this dress from Forever 21. I bought it for my Halloween costume. When I tried it on, it was extremely comfortable and the skater shape is really flattering.

On to the shoes.

I bought these brown boots from DSW Warehouse. They're really comfortable which I'm happy about and they're neutral so it'll be easy to pair with outfits in the fall and winter. I'm really excited to wear them.

I bought these shoes from H&M. There was another pair that I was contemplating on buying that was suede and the tip of the boots were pointed, but I bought these ones because they were more comfortable.


I bought this scarf which is HEAVEN. It's so soft and warm, I love it. Oh, I got it from Zara.

Overall, it was a successful shopping day. 
OH! I forgot, I also bought a skirt from American Eagle. It's one size too big, but I can fix it.

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